Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher

In a nutshell I would have to say that Billy and Me is about a girl who falls in love with a massive teen heartthrob. But like most books, there’s much more to it than that. We meet Sophie May who lives in Rosefont Hill, deep in the Kent countryside, and works in the local teashop.
To others her life might seem twee, however she’s content with her quaint village life – an existence that makes her feel safe and secure. Things change however when Billy Buskin, who’s about to begin filming nearby, stumbles upon Sophie at work and becomes smitten.
After a hairy start the two become close, with Sophie eventually moving to London to be with him. But Billy’s world is vastly different from Rosefont Hill, plus it seems not everyone’s pleased with his new relationship status. Billy and Me is as much about Sophie letting go of the past and forgiving herself for the things out of her control. As it is about the supposed glitz and glamour of dating a celebrity. It’s about self-belief, following your dreams and remembering that you’re worthy to achieve anything you set your mind to.
The irony is it took me two days to read Billy and Me and a week to write the review. This is because it’s hard to do a book justice when it has taken over your mind and emotions. Pulled at your heart strings and then left you feeling as though something’s torn away. Leaving a void as you turn the last page and realised there is no more to read.
Let me start by saying that Giovanna Fletcher has written what I am declaring to be the best debut novel I’ve ever read.
Within the wonderfully written pages of Billy and Me we meet Sophie May who lives in Rosefront Hill. Shr spends her days working in the local teashop, when she isn’t there, you can find her spending time with her mum. It’s whilst working at the teashop that Sophie meets movie heart throb Billy Buskin. As their friendship and romance blossoms, Sophie finds her life thrust into the limelight Can she handle what the world is about to discover!
My favourite characters were Sophie and her boss Molly, their friendship was wholesome and pure and they both needed each other. Molly helped to bring Sophie out of herself, she helped her with life’s struggles and was always there to offer a hug. My least favourite has to be Paul, Billy’s manger, the man who seemed to think he had the right to know everything Billy does and says. He was always certain he knew what was best, at times I wished someone would throw a drink at him or trip him up, his nasty remarks felt so real.
There was a realness to the characters that meant that through the pages my emotions experienced a rollercoaster journey. I was happy, angry, romanced by Billy and crying, well if I’m honest sobbing.
There is a part in the story that’s written in such a way I don’t think I can put it in to words. I’m not telling you, who, what, where, when, why etc but I will tell you that in my life I’ve experienced this and to read the way it’s described, felt to me as though the emotion in every word was from the authors heart, her journey and experience.
To feel that and tell it in such a beautiful way is to something that everyone should commend. Just thinking about it now makes me teary. Proof that Billy and Me really does tap into your emotions.
A tale of romance, friendship, over coming obstacles and self discovery, Billy and Me is a must read.
Giovanna Fletcher is an author to watch if this debut is anything to go by!

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