Cupidity by Holly Hepburn

Cupidity by Holly Hepburn

Cupid is exhausted. Modern day matchmaking is tough – people are busy, their hearts are harder to hit and he’s had enough of wall-to-wall romance. And St Valentine has noticed…

Annelise is a Lost Cause. She runs a dating agency but her heart is colder than a penguin’s feet. She thinks love is about compatibility and has no time for passion.

Can Cupid prove to St Valentine that he hasn’t lost his touch by melting Annelise’s heart? Or is it curtains for Cupid?

From the moment I read the blurb for Cupidity I was excited to read this novella, after all the idea of Cupid falling out of love, would explain a lot (yes I know it’s fiction, but if my aunt asks you why I’m still single please play along)

Cupidity was everything the blurb promised and more.

Cupid is an instantly likeable character, who has become a bit disheartened with humanity, after couples meeting through Internet dating sites and speed dating, the romance has been taken from his job.
With St Valentine sensing that his employee is on a downward spiral he sends him to earth to work on a Lost Cause, but is Annelise at the top of the Lost Cause pile and has she hardened her heart forever?

I loved this story it was funny and romantic, with a wonderful ending that had me grinning from ear to ear.I could see the story playing out in my head, it would make a great film and I do have to confess the description of Cupid had me thinking of a younger Justin Timberlake when he had those tight curls.

I am excited to see what Holly Hepburn has for us next, will it be another novella in the form of another St Valentines employee or will we be lucky enough to get a novel that’s just as funny and gripping.

An author to watch, Holly Hepburn!


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