Destined to Feel by Indigo Bloome

Destined to Feel by Indigo Bloome


Psychologist Alexandra Blake has been awakened sexually by her lover. Their erotic journey has seen Alexandra explore her darkest sexual fantasies and pushed her boundaries to their very limit.

Her world is plunged into uncertainty when she is abducted in London and Alexandra finds herself caught up in a dangerous game being played out in the shadows. Her captors want to use her to explore the darkest enigma of female sexuality and Alexandra is powerless to escape – but does she even want to?

How far will Alexandra be willing to go to satisfy her curiosity and her desires? Is this a game too far, or is there still everything to play for?

Since I read ‘Destined to Play’ in July I’ve been eagerly awaiting the second instalment in the Avalon series.
‘Destined to Feel’ follows on from where ‘Destined to Play’ left us.

Alexa has been kidnapped at the airport and neither her or Jeremy know what is in store for her.
Taken by a pharmaceutical company that seem to know more about her than she does herself, she is forced to submit her body and mind to rigorous testing.
Surely in such a clinical environment Alexa won’t be able to orgasm on command!

Where do I begin;

‘Forget Mr Grey, its time to be Destined to Play, Feel & Fly as Indigo Bloome takes us to a new high’

We all know that I am a fan of ‘Destined to Play’ and with the cliff hanger at the end, I have been itching to find out what’s going to happen to Alexa.

‘Destined to Feel’ is told from both the perspectives of Alexa and Jeremy which means that we get to discover what happens to Alexa after she is taken but also how Jeremy copes following the kidnapping and not knowing where Alexa is or even if she is alive.
Via flashbacks we discover how Jeremy has always felt about Alexa and learn more about their past sexual experiences.

I never thought I’d be saying this but ‘Destined to Feel’ is now my favourite of the Avalon series, it has a few less sex scenes in it than ‘Destined to Play’ but the ones it does have well WOW, especially the Viagra story.
The reason why this book is my favourite is because we discover so much about both Alexa and Jeremy, We get to follow them on an emotional rollercoaster and learn why Alexa is HOT property within the medical field.

The book ends leaving you wanting more and thankfully we only have to wait until January for the insatiable doctors to return.

The world doesn’t need blue/purple pills as long as it has the writing of Indigo Bloome, Viagra for the mind!


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