Destined to Play by Indigo Bloome

It’s simple. No sight. No questions. 48 hours.’
37-year-old psychologist and mother of two Alexandra Blake lives a comfortable if unsatisfied life with her
family in suburban Australia. When she travels to Sydney to give a series of lectures on sensory perception,
she catches up with old flame Dr Jeremy Quinn – the man who in her heady student days opened up her eyes
and body to the world in ways she never thought possible.
A world renowned expert in the field of depression, Jeremy is conducting groundbreaking research into the
effects of physical stimulation on the psyche. After a few glasses of champagne in his luxurious hotel
penthouse, he presents Alex with an extraordinary proposition. She knows that they never promise each
other something they can’t commit to and that he will challenge her every inhibition.
But she soon finds herself seduced into a level of surrender – and danger – she could never have imagined…
Up until the 50 shades trilogy sexual play seemed to be a taboo subject, but now it seems it see,s to be the sunject on eveyone lips.
With the hype of 50 shades it would be easy to make comparisons between that and Destined to Play. This is something I won’t do.
Because although Indigo Bloome explores sexual play in the story. Destined to Play reaches a whole new psychological level that 50 shades didn’t.
Before I tell you about the story I want to make it clear that Jeremy the lead male is nothing like Christian Grey. So if you plan on reading this in the hope of falling in love with a similar character, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.
However do pick this book up with an open mind and get ready to follow two sexually experienced 30 something’s who are ready to explore sexual play. While taking the whole experience to a new level.

With your greyspectations checked at the door, I shall now begin.

Destined to Play is Indigo Bloome’s debut novel and is the first of the Avalon trilogy.
The story follows married mother of two Dr Alexandra Blake when she‘s reunited with her old lover Dr Jeremy Quinn. Over drinks one evening Jeremy makes an offer to Alex which is both tempting and terrifying. Going on previous promises to Jeremy, Alex knows that this is something she cannot take lightly and if she agrees, she cannot renege on it later.
Jeremy proposes to take away one of Alex’s senses for 48 hours, he wants her at a heightened state and she must surrender. Knowing Jeremy and how her body reacts to his touch, words and taste she agrees to his proposition.
For 48 hours she will give up her sight and ask no questions…..
What i really liked about this book is the fact that the characters have a history. Which we learn about from Alex when she reminisces over old memories and fills us in on parts of their university days.
With both characters being doctors. And the underlying story being that of a medical issue, the terminology at times means that I wouldn’t classify it as an easy read. But it is a really good read with a nail biting ending that will leave you eagerly anticipating the second book in the trilogy.
If you are ready for erotic fiction that will challenge the psyche and leave you viewing 50 shades (in parts) as if it written by Beatrix Potter then,…. you are DESTINED TO PLAY


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