Diva by Carrie Duffy

Stunning and sexy, Dionne Summers is a girl who speaks her mind. Brought up on the mean streets of Detroit, she is determined that nothing will stop her from becoming the world’s next supermodel.
Beautiful and innocent, Alyson McIntyre is desperate to escape her upbringing. She decides it is time to take hold of her life and follow her dreams.
Heading to the chic streets of Paris, the girls move in with a maverick young designer, CeCe Bouvier. Born to a life of luxury and glamour, CeCe’a determined to stand on her own two feet and take the fashion world by storm.
The girls vow to make it to the top, but their friendship will be out to the test. When deception, betrayal and tragedy play out in the glare of the paparazzi flashbulbs. Can the three girls overcome the ghosts of the past – or will the catwalk consume them?

Having never read Idol Carrie Duffy’s debut novel I didn’t know what to expect.

The book focuses on three young women all from different walks of life. You have Dionne from America raised by a hard working mother and an alcoholic father. CeCe from France who comes from a wealthy family that long for CeCe to become a doctor or a lawyer. And then there is Alyson,qq abandoned by her dad and left to cope with an unstable mother in England.

Three girls one goal, they all want to make something of themselves by proving everyone wrong

All three of the main characters are strong young women. Who throughout the story show their strength and weaknesses in ways that make you feel as though you have journeyed with them.

Dionne is my least favourite and this is only because at times her jealousy and conceited-ness made my blood boil.

Alyson is probably the one that needs the most looking after. Thankfully throughout the book she has a wonderful friend in the shape of Irish barman Aidan (if only he was real)

CeCe is the character that I championed the most. She came from a rich background and took herself away from the riches of her family so that she could follow her goal, for that I really admired her.

You will be on an emotional rollercoaster, laughing and teary eyed (especially at one particular chapter)

This is an amazing story that shows an insight into the fashion world and the pressures models and designers face.
Its a story of trust, friendship and reaching for your goals.

if you fancy a trip to Paris pick up Diva and let Carrie Duffy take you there!

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