Essex Girls by Laura Ziepe

Essex Girls by Laura Ziepe

You can take the girl out of Essex …

You’ll be well jel over the adventures of three good-hearted, strong-willed, fake-baked Essex Girls. Fun, fresh and always reem, this novel Perfect for fans of TOWIE and the novels of Katie Price.

Jade did everything she could to fit in at university – toned down her tan, gave up on her favourite fake lashes, swapped designer dresses for jeans. And it seemed to make her boyfriend Tom happy. But obviously not quite happy enough.
When Jade finds Tom’s been cheating she heads home: to Essex. Reunited with her best mates Kelly and Lisa, even a night out at The Sugar Hut isn’t enough to put a smile back on her face. So they hatch a plan to get away from it all, to a place so ream it’s unreal – Marbella. Sun, sea, men, vajazzles: what could possibly go wrong?

A fun, fresh and always polished novel for the Essex Girl in all of us …

I’ve heard people refer to ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ as their guilty pleasure and before I go any further I want you to know that ‘Essex Girls’ is a pleasure to read but the only guilt you will feel is when you realise you have spent the whole day reading it and it`s now time to move on to a new book.

Laura Ziepe brings us a debut that is easy to read and all consuming. With its wonderful setting of Marbella, you will find yourself transported to beautiful beaches and fabulous bars,

Follow Jade as she adjusts to her newly single life and discovers what she wants now university is over.
Joining her through the summer are best friends, ditzy but lovable Kelly and for support via the phone is career minded Lisa.

As they embark on a summer like no other that meet a mixture of people. Some who are nice (Sam, Billy, Jonny) and some who are going to test them (Adele)

It is a lovely light hearted read that focuses on friendship and self discovery.

I read it in a day, I smiled, I laughed and I enjoyed it!

As Kelly would say, don’t be jel, pick up a copy of ‘Essex Girls’ its Reem!


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