Hubble Bubble by Jane Lovering

Hubble Bubble by Jane Lovering

Be careful what you wish for…
Holly Grey joined the women’s group to keep her friend out of trouble – and now she’s knee-deep in hassle, in the form of apocalyptic weather, armed men, midwifery and a sarcastic Welsh journalist.

Kai has been drawn to darkest Yorkshire by his desire to find out who he really is. What he hadn’t bargained on was getting caught up in amateur magic and dealing with a bunch of women who are trying really hard to make their dreams come true.

Together they realise that getting what you wish for is sometimes just a matter of knowing what it is you want…

Hubble Bubble sounds magical doesn’t it? Well believe me when I say, once I’d been enchanted by this story I was caught in its spell and found myself turning the pages in quick succession.

Holly Grey is a location finder for film sets, she is lucky enough to thoroughly enjoy her job. but when she isn’t working, Holly is kept busy in her home life, watching over her older brother Nicholas.
With her hectic schedule, Holly has convinced herself she doesn’t want a relationship, she just has meaningless hook ups.
But is all this about to change, when Kai enters Holly’s life………

Holly gets caught up in magic by accident, with her friends so intent on casting a spell, Holly goes along with the intention of watching out for them.
Little does she know that when Megan, Isobel, Vivienne, Eve and herself cast their spell, everything is about to change.

The image I created in my head of Kai, has certainly left me contemplating taking up magic. He sounds like a hot looking guy and with a heart of gold.
Yes he has some personal demons to deal with, but that after all, is why he is on the search to find himself.

The story is full of some great characters, like Holly and her friends, but the three menacing guys that meet the ladies in the woods are definitely the worst characters within the pages,
I found myself not wanting to meet one let alone all three.

Although the story has elements of magic to it, it still felt very real when it came to the characters, I didn’t want them to get hurt and I hoped that they would all get what they were really looking for.

Mystery, magic, romance with Hubble Bubble and a little bit of toil and trouble!


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