Indiscretion by Charles Debow

 he Great Gatsby meets The Secret History in this torrid novel of love, lust and deception. Harry and Madeleine Winslow are blessed with talent, money, and charm. Harry is an award–winning author on the cusp of greatness. Madeleine is a woman of sublime beauty and grace whose elemental goodness belies a privileged upbringing.
Bonded by deep devotion, their marriage is both envied and admired by friends who spend summers at their East Hampton idyll.
When a holiday fling turns disastrously wrong, 26-year-old Claire falls into the Winslows’ welcoming orbit. They’re enchanted by her youth and intelligence. In turn, Claire’s entranced by Harry and Maddy. The love that exists between them is something of which, until now, she could only dream. Seen through the omniscient eyes of Maddy’s childhood friend Walter. Indiscretion is a story about the complexities of love. The dangerous nature of desire and how obsession can tear apart even the most perfect of worlds.
People are saying it’s ‘The Great Gatsby meets The Secret History’. Well I will be honest I haven’t read either of them so I can neither confirm nor deny.
What I will say is, this is a spectacular debut.
It took me a while to get into. Unfortunately the narrative came across as slightly confusing at first but as the story got more involved it all made sense.
It’s a book that after closing made me thankful I’d persevered. That I’d been able to experience the journey along with the characters. In the end it was an enticing read that carried the imagination.
There is a good mix of characters within the story in the form of Walter, Maddy, Claire and Harry. All of them have flaws and bring something different to the story. Although the story’s told through the narrative of Walter you still get to learn a lot about the other three characters.
Throughout the book my imagination was working towards an ending and this is where Charles Debow excelled himself. For the ending came as a complete surprise, something i could never have imagined happening.

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