It Happened At Bootcamp by Molly Hopkins

Give up men for 2 weeks? Impossible!
But Evie Dexter has challenged her flirtatious, man-addicted best friend Lulu to do just this. And Lulu never shirks a bet.
In a flash of deranged inspiration Lulu books them both on a week’s stay at an all-female military-style BootCamp in the boringly beautiful English countryside – surely a guaranteed man-free zone. But with one meagre gym visit between them, a shared passion for white wine, saturated fats and sitting in front of the television – just how long can Evie and Lulu stick it out?
This story is sooooo good it has three different endings, but there can only be one winner! You decide.

Evie Dexter is back as Molly Hopkins treats us to a glorious Novella before the release of It happened in Venice. For those that haven’t read It happened in Paris please don’t let that put you off, you don’t need to have read about Evie’s antics to enjoy this story.

The book follows 8 women who embark on bootcamp with their trainer Judy, all of the women driven by different goals in a quest to lose weight.
It was great to read a book that was full of lovely characters, not a single ‘baddie’ in sight and because of that it was a wonderful lighthearted read.

I found myself laughing out loud several times on the bus and grinning to myself at something Grace had said or Lulu had done.

Molly Hopkins has a wonderful sense of humour that comes across in her books and it’s because of her witty one liners you find yourself loving the characters so much more.

This Novella isn’t just funny and full of lovable characters but it also has three endings so you get to the pick the one you want. Personally I went with number three. Because I hought this was unique and made me feel like I had a say in the story.

I cannot rave about this enough, it kept me laughing and made what was a dull rainy day in Birmingham, a fabulous trip to bootcamp.

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