Me and Mr Jones by Lucy Diamond

Me and Mr Jones by Lucy Diamond

Three charming brothers – which would you choose?

Meet the women in love with three very different brothers . . .

Izzy’s determined to escape her troubled past with a new start by the sea – but flirtatious Charlie Jones is causing complications.

Alicia’s been happily married to loyal Hugh for years but secretly craves excitement. Maybe it’s time to spice things up?

Emma’s relationship with David was once fun and romantic but trying for a baby has taken its toll. Then temptation comes along . . .

As the future of the family’s B&B becomes uncertain, Izzy, Alicia and Emma are thrown together unexpectedly. It seems that keeping up with the Joneses is harder than anyone thought . . .
From the queen of summer reading, this is a sparkling tale of heartbreak, hope, friendship and love.

‘Me and Mr Jones’ follows Lilian and Eddie as they break the news to their three boys that its time to sell their family home and settle down to a slower pace of life.
But how will Hugo, David and Charlie cope with the news that something else is about to change, when their lives are unsettled already!

This is the first Lucy Diamond book I’ve read and I am annoyed that its taken me so long to discover her!

The story comes from the perspective of the 4 ladies in the lives of the Jones men, Lilian, Alicia, Emma and Izzy.
By the end of the book I loved all the characters, even the ones I’d disliked at first. And the relationships that we pay privy to are written with emotion.

I really enjoyed reading about Izzy’s relationship with her daughters and then when Charlie enters their lives, It was great reading the dynamics their family unit take on,

It truly is a lovely read that deals with some of the worst situations a family can face, but in such a way you are pulled into the flow of the story and find yourself eager to keep up with the Jones!



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