No Such Thing As Immortality by Sarah Tranter

No Such Thing As Immortality by Sarah Tranter

I will protect you until the day I die … forever!
A vampire does not have to feel any emotion not of his choosing. And Nathaniel Gray has spent two hundred years choosing not to feel. But when he accidentally runs Rowan Locke off the road, he is inexplicably flooded with everything she’s feeling, and that’s rage, and lots of it.

He is consumed with the need to protect Rowan at all costs including from himself. To Nate, what is happening is unthinkable and is pretty much as unbelievable as the existence of faeries.

But you see, ‘There is no such thing as …immortality.’

This is Nate’s story …

We’ve all heard people talk about that all consuming love but imagine meeting someone and being so consumed by emotion that you don’t know what to do.

For Nate that is exactly what happens when he is in a car accident and knocks Rowan Locke and her car off the road.

Nate instantly feels connected to Rowan but this connection comes at a price,
For over 200 years Nate hasn’t had to deal with his feelings, but now he has to deal with what Rowan is feeling, as well as the extra beating in his heart.

‘No Such Thing As Immortality’ is a new take on the lives of vampires and its refreshing for it to come from the vampire’s point of view.

At times Nate comes across as very overbearing but then you remember that he hasn’t dealt with emotions for years, so its all new to him. How should he react around someone he cares for and knows has limited time compared to him.

Rowan on the other hand has been dealt tough cards in life and has a feisty temper to prove it. She’s not used to someone so chivalrous and from the ‘Jane Austen’ era. The way she reacts to some of the things Nate does for her is quite comical.

But my favourite character has to be Nate’s sister Elizabeth, she’s caring, funny and probably the most in tune with her feelings. She was a breath of fresh air.

It took me a while to get into the story but I’m so glad that I persevered, its got some great twists in it and leaves you at the end awaiting more. I’m looking forward to what the future holds for Nate, Rowan and the gang.


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