Party Night by Lucy Lord

The biggest night in the year and the party is just beginning! A wickedly decadent short story from the author of Revelry.
It’s New Years Eve and best friends Poppy and Bella are ready to celebrate in style in the brilliant short story from Lucy Lord. Heading to the trendy Hoxton hotspot owned by Bella’s brother they are soon surrounded by their glamorous friends and the party is in full swing.
Bella couldn’t be happier when things start heating up with the breathtakingly handsome Ben. But as the drinks continue to flow Bella soon finds the evening not going to plan. With the clock approaching midnight…. engagements, treachery and explosive confrontations guarantee the year will start with a bang.
And for Bella the excitement is just beginning, with plans for their holiday in Ibiza already underway who knows what the summer has in store for her…

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I loved Revelry Lucy Lord’s debut novel and I am often found recommending it. I have even on occasion sent the Amazon link to people.

So when I noticed that Lucy had a novella in the kindle store I had to buy it.
Party Night introduces Bella and the gang as they set about celebrating new years eve.
It’s a fantastic introduction to Revelry for those that haven’t read it yet. And for those that have it’s another chance to go out with the gang whilst awaiting the release of Vanity.
This is a fun flirty read that will allow you to experience a new years eve like no other. And even with a lot going on, it still manages to hit on a serious subject which I found brilliant.
Its a novella so I won’t say anymore, as you really should discover this tantalising little short story for yourself.
Put your feet up and settle in for the evening with ‘Party Night’

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