Revelry by Lucy Lord

One summer can change everything…
What happens when a friend breaks the one rule that they should never break ?
Best friends Bella and Poppy are living the dream. Notting Hill glamour, Shoreditch lofts, exclusive parties and drop-dead gorgeous men. But sometimes living life to the max catches up with you. 
Poppy, Bella and their friends spend the summer having as much fun as they possibly can. From the hedonistic escapades of Ibiza to doing Glastonbury in style. But amongst the laughter come tears, betrayal and backstabbing. And one devastating decision threatens to bring it all crashing down. And, once the sunglasses have come off, Bella’s forced to question if her lifelong friendshi will ever be the same again.
The perfect escapist read, Revelry will have you laughing, crying and gasping with shock. With Revelry being Lucy Lord’s debut novel, I didn’t really know what to expect. From the synopsis it sounded like something I would enjoy. A book that promises
The perfect escapist read, Revelry will have you laughing, crying and gasping with shock’
Is definitely worth a read, in my opinion. I found this book to be everything it promised and more. Once I had started it, I found it consumed my days. Bella is the main character of the book and it’s from her perspective that we follow the story. I found that Bella was the character I sympathised with most. Not just because of the situation that unfolds within the story but also because she doesn’t realise the value of her own self worth. With the exceptions of Ben and skinny Alison all the characters are likable…. if a little flawed.
This book deals with a lot of issues and it’s through dealing with these that the characters’ weaknesses appear.
Over one summer they’re faced with problems from illness to adultery. I enjoyed going on the adventure with them as they discovered things about themselves and each other.
The book follows them from Ibiza to Glastonbury ending in London with the ultimate betrayal. One of my favourite parts is where Bella meets a dwarf in Ibiza, it really was a laugh out loud moment and definitely not the only one in the book.
The scene at Glastonbury had me blushing and to this day I am still intrigued as to Bernie’s story, what is it that he does for a living? I am very open minded about what I read and in most cases I live vicariously through the pages of what I am reading.
However, if you are against swearing, sex scenes and the mention of drugs in a book then please consider this your warning. I would like to add, these things don’t define the book and add to the context of the story.
If you want a book that will help you escape the troubles of your day I would recommend this.

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