Summer Nights by Allie Spencer

Flora Fielding’s been dumped on her 30th birthday. And left stranded in San Francisco. With nowhere else to turn, she seeks out her cousin Bella who’s been working as a nurse in the city for the past few years.
But when she arrives at Bella’s apartment. Flora is shocked to find that her cousin’s in even more trouble than she is. Because instead of leading the fast-paced life of an emergency room nurse that Flora has imagined, Bella is eking out a living as the lead singer in an Abba tribute band.
But as Flora soon learns, although life in San Francisco with Bella may be uncertain, it’s never ever dull. What with the tense Battle of the Tribute Bands, the threat to the local area by an evil developer, and the attentions of a very persistent computer geek, Flora soon begins to wonder whether she wants to go home at all.

On what should’ve been a happy 30th Birthday. Flora finds herself in San Francisco dumped and alone. Feeling that what should’ve been a romantic holiday with boyfriend Barney is now about to become one of the worst times of her life, Flora decides to look up cousin Bella.

Bella and Flora used to be like sisters growing up and share special memories of a childhood in Cornwall. But following Bella’s move to San Francisco the pair have drifted apart.

When Flora tracks down Bella, she discovers that the idyllic life she’s been hearing about isn’t as picturesque as she’s heard. And maybe the two have been come back into each others lives for a reason.

On top of sorting their lives out. Flora also embarks on saving Hope Street and dealing with her ever growing feelings for the gorgeous Josh.

I loved this book, the feeling of family and togetherness was so strong that when I read the last page I was grinning with contentment.

I’m a strong believer in that friends are the family we choose for ourselves. I felt this throughout the book as Flora and Bella shared their tribe with us.

With Barney and the McMasters being the characters that you love to hate Summer Nights brings you drama, romance and laughter throughout.

I honestly could not pick a favourite character.

Flora started off the book hurt and ended up fighting for a community she had just met.

Bella had packed up and moved to San Francisco, chasing a dream and a career.

Toby was the GBF everyone should have.

Lisa says what everyone thinks and gets away with it.

I loved everything about this book and it left me believing ‘We needed our past as well as our present if we were going to make any sense at all of our future’

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