The Day I Died (The Afterlife Series) by Natalie Flynn

The Day I Died (The Afterlife Series) by Natalie Flynn

Have you ever wondered what happens when we die? Is there a bright light? Someone to meet us? Do we become a ghosts? Or is there simply nothing?

Ten stories, ten characters, who each tell you what happened to them on their fateful day. Full of emotion, shock, love and hope…

The Day I Died is the first book in the Afterlife series – “Finding hope in death…”

Meet Cassie, Jane, Caleb, Mike, John, Graham, Gladys, Josephine, Mary and Jake as they take their last breath in this wonderfully written series of short stories.

Follow each person as they live out their final moments on earth and in most cases as they enter the afterlife.

The tale of Gladys was one of my favourites, although I was in tears reading her last moments, the love and emotion that radiated around this character also made me smile and if you could describe someone’s passing into the afterlife as lovely, that’s how I would describe Gladys leaving this world.

With the mix of genders, ages and eras its wonderful how Natalie Flynn has managed to write every story in a different style and from the beginning I was gripped.

I thoroughly enjoyed this and found it to be very a thought provoking read. I personally loved the elevator theory and how the afterlife was explored in different ways.

I started this book thinking maybe it would depress me, but its written in such a lovely way that you don’t finish it feeling morbid in fact it really does make you feel like your “Finding hope in death…”

I would highly recommend this and can’t wait for the next in the series.


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