The Dressmaker by Kate Alcott

Tess, an aspiring seamstress, is stunned at her luck when the famous designer Lady Lucile Duff Gordon hires her. She about to become a personal maid on the Titanic’s doomed voyage. When disaster strikes, Tess is one of the last people allowed on a lifeboat – her employer also survives. On dry land, savage rumours about the survivors begin to circulate. Did Lady Duff Gordon save herself at the expense of others?
Suddenly Tess finds herself torn between loyalty to the fiery woman who could help her realise her dream and the devastating truth that her mentor may not be all she seems
When I saw the gorgeous cover for ‘The Dressmaker’ I was eager to discover what the story was about.
I will admit I don’t read historical novels, I tend to stick to modern fiction, stories that mention technology.
However, thanks to the eye catching red dress on the cover I have read one of the most profound and touching books, I’ve ever been fortunate to come across.
We all know the story of the Titanic but ‘The Dressmaker’ takes us on a journey that’s not just emotional but full of discovery.
The characters and descriptions have been wrote in a way that pulls you in, to the extent that I couldn’t close the book when the ship sank because I wanted Tess to get to safety. The thought of leaving the lifeboats there whilst I slept had me reading till the early hours.
I felt a mix of emotions throughout, which ultimately ended with me crying at the end. The story is one that shows the guilt, anger, happiness, love and bravery that was the Titanic voyage.
Fiction meets truth in ‘The Dressmaker’ a beautifully written poignant read!

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