The Harry Moseley Story (HHHO)

Help Harry Help Others (HHHO)

I’m sitting here with tears streaming down my face wondering how I can describe this book and make sure that Harry’s story is given everything it deserves.

The truth is I can’t, Harry Moseley was a truly inspirational little boy who is the most selfless person I’ve ever read about. Harry’s mom Georgina with the help of Simon Goodyear shares with us memories and photos of her amazing son. For people that haven’t heard of Harry Moseley, here’s a little background.

At the age of 7, Harry was diagnosed with brain cancer and after watching a friend of his fight the same battle, Harry decided he wanted to help others.
He came up with the idea of making beaded bracelets to raise money for charity.
Harry put his all into his campaign and soon thanks to his presentation skills and outgoing personality had celebrities involved in his fund-raising. Sadly in October 2011, Harry died at the age of 11, leaving behind family, friends and a legacy like no one could ever have imagined.

In August 2012 Harry was honoured with a star on ‘Birmingham’s Walk of Stars’, he inspired so many people not just in Birmingham but around the world.
I personally own many Harry bracelets and wear one constantly.

Harry was a child who was sadly diagnosed with an illness and instead of looking at the negatives of the situation he focused on the positives, quoting Harry he ‘Put the CAN into cancer’

Harry’s story is an emotional one and the feeling of love is immense, Harry was an amazing little boy, he was an angel who walked on earth for 11 years. The Moseley’s were blessed with Harry and he with them. The support that they all showed each other, as well as others affected by brain cancer, was and is fantastic.

Its been a year since Harry passed away and so much has happened thanks to the wheels Harry set in motion. If you read one book this year, make it this one and ‘Help Harry Help Others’ I guarantee you will close this book, look at Harry smiling at you from the cover and realise “Life is for living’ now ‘Make it Happen’

All royalties from the book are donated to Harry’s charity (HHHO)


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