The Holiday Home by Fern Britton

Two sisters, one house, a lifetime of secrets. Set on a Cornish cliff, Atlantic House has been the jewel in the Carew family crown for centuries. Each year, the Carew sisters embark on the yearly trip down to Cornwall for the summer holidays, but they are as different and vinegar and honey. Prudence, hard-nosed businesswoman and married to the meek and mild Francis, is about to get a shock reminder that you should never take anything for granted. Constance, homemaker and loving wife to philandering husband Greg, has always been out-manoeuvred by her manipulative sibling.
But now that Pru wants to get her hands on Atlantic House, Connie is not about to take things lying down.When an old face reappears on the scene, years of simmering resentments reach boiling point. But little do the women know that a long-buried secret is about to bite them all on the bottom. Can Constance and Pru put their feuding aside for the sake of everyone else, or will this family holiday push them all over the edge?
When Henry and Dorothy go to view Atlantic House in 1988, they instantly fall in love with it. After purchasing the property and restoring it. It becomes the holiday home for the couple and their daughter’s Constance and Prudence.
As we‘re introduced to the sisters as children, one thing stands out and that’s their competitiveness. The story jumps forward to the sisters as grown-ups, their competitiveness remains. Despite both of them having gotten married and having children…. when they are together their rivalry kicks in. But can this holiday at Atlantic House change that. And as secrets are revealed, will the sisters change for the better……
Fern Britton brings us an easy read that’s filled with gripping twists and turns. I won’t mention any of what’s discovered because the intrigue will have you turning the pages.
The characters are so descriptive, that you can instantly see them forming before you. The characters that made this book for me were Abi and Jem (Constance and Prudence’ children). The bond these two had was wonderful to read about and they are so caring.
A lovely holiday read.

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