The Lost Soul by Gabriella Pierce

To New York high-society life has not turned out as Jane Boyle had imagined. She didn’t expect to be living apart from her new husband, Malcolm, or to find herself locked in constant battle with his mother, Lynne Doran. But then she didn’t expect witches to rule the social scene, or that she would be one of them.
In reuniting the estranged Annette Doran with the rest of the illustrious witching clan. Jane has played into the hands of the enemy, and Lynne has something far more sinister than an emotional reunion in mind. Jane‘s determined to rescue Annette from a gruesome fate – but how do you save someone who doesnt want you to save them. Outsmarting Lynne will require all Jane’s cunning, as well as her magic. And it will also bring Malcolm back into her life, whether she likes it or not. Gabriella Pierce brings us the third instalment in the 666 Park Avenue series.
Following on from where ‘The Dark Glamour’ left off we catch up with Jane in her Manhattan apartment. Still racked with guilt over the Annette Doran situation. Jane plans on helping the girl escape her evil family heritage, but does Annette want Jane to save her?
‘The Lost Soul’ is by far the best in the 666 Park Avenue Series. Its fast paced, mysterious and thoroughly gripping.
Jane, Malcolm, Dee, Maeve and Harris are also joined by some wonderful new characters including Emer. SomeoneI found to be such a sweet and sensitive character. She’s a grandmother looking out for her family and is even prepared to fight to protect them. The book takes you through many dramas as Jane battles on against the Doran’s. Losing loved ones and discovering things about her past that she could never have imagined.
The only disappointing thing was that it had to end.

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