Things Get Better by Katie Piper

To look and listen to the extraordinary Katie Piper, it is difficult to comprehend the severe trauma she suffered from a brutal rape and acid attack which left her with deep physical and emotional scars. These terrible events would have crushed most people, but through her positive outlook and sheer determination, Katie has become inspirational to millions and living proof that no matter what life throws at you, if you work hard and believe – things will get better.
Katie now begins to answer the question that everyone wants to know – ‘Where did you find the courage?’ She shares the key steps and support that led to her emotional recovery and acknowledges the pain we have all felt at times, whether suffering a breakup, life change or more serious trauma. Drawing on her own experiences and letters from other survivors, Katie shows with spectacular compassion that we can all find the strength within to carry on.

I’d originally planned on reviewing this in December but after reading it I realised it’s a great book to start the new year with.

At this time of year most of us have resolutions. With hopes and dreams at the forefront of our minds and with ‘Things Get Better’ I know you will be inspired.

Described as a self help book, Katie takes us step by step through the stages of dealing with the issues you face.

What I liked about this is, its not someone lecturing you for 298 pages. Instead Katie tells us about the issues she faced and how she dealt with them.

Within every page Katie shares her honest thoughts with you. And its from those, that you get her strong sense of positivity, something we all need in our lives.

It would of been so easy for Katie to have let what happened take over her life but thankfully she didn’t. She has shown that its made her stronger and given her the ability to look at life from a different view point.

Katie is an amazingly strong and inspirational person. And I suggest that even if you feel life is great at the moment you buy a copy of this book. It will make you appreciate all the good that surrounds you a little bit more.

And if you are feeling low and think there is no place to go, please remember you aren’t alone ‘Things Get Better’

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