Vampire State of Mind by Jane Lovering
Jessica Grant knows vampires only too well. She runs the York Council tracker programme making sure that Otherworlders are all where they should be, keeps the filing in order and drinks far too much coffee.
To Jess, vampires are annoying and arrogant and far too sexy for their own good, particularly her ex-colleague Sil, who’s now in charge of Otherworld York. But when a demon turns up and threatens not just Jess but the whole world order, she and Sil are forced to work together, and when Jess turns out to be the key to saving the world it puts a very different slant on their relationship.
The stakes are high. They are also very, very pointy and Jess isn’t afraid to use them, even on the vampire that she’s rather afraid she’s falling in love with…

I am a fan of Twilight, The Vampire Diaries and True Blood so when I heard there was a new vampire in town I had to find out more!

Jessica is just a lowly council worker (I can relate) dealing with otherworlders (vampires, werewolves, ghouls, shadows etc), she is living a normal existence dealing with her mountains of paperwork, chocolate cravings and trying to suppress her ever growing feelings for Sil, the head of the otherworlders.

So why now is something trying to kill her?

Jessica is a funny sassy girl and clearly in love with Sil, who happens to be a vampire with feelings and a sad past!

There are lots of witty one liners and the story in itself makes for a fast paced read, but with an element of romance.

I am often asked when reading a new book what its similar to, so for those of you that want to know, Vampire State of Mind is the Twilight saga meets The Host with a little bit of The Hunger Games thrown into the mix.

If you want a book that will take over your imagination and fill the void that Twilight left, then look no further its a ‘Vampire State of Mind


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