Vanity by Lucy Lord

Following on from Lucy Lord’s brilliant debut novel, Revelry, comes Vanity. Oozing with sex, wild partying and scandal join Bella and best friend Poppy as they continue to navigate the world of being young, fun and (almost) carefree.
Glamorous Poppy seems to have it all, and after a long tough year she is damn well going to enjoy it. But as Poppy’s career in New York goes from strength to strength, her husband, Damian’s takes a nosedive and she begins to wonder if love really can survive anything.
In London, Poppy’s best friend Bella is basking in that new-couple glow with her boyfriend Andy. But, not everything is as perfect as it seems, and Bella can’t help but be a little jealous of her best friend’s Big Apple adventures. Meanwhile, their arch-nemesis, shallow but beautiful Ben, is in Hollywood to make his name on the silver screen, and annoyingly, is doing rather well at it!
From St Tropez to New York, LA to the impossibly chic Paris; join Bella and Poppy and their friends as they face the reality of friendships pushed to the limits, and embark on a road trip that they’ll never forget…

Lucy Lord whisks us away to a world of pure escapism within the pages of ‘Vanity’

Through Bella, Poppy, Ben and Natalia we get:

  • to tour the USA,
  • go travelling in Thailand.
  • relax in St Tropez.
  • take a romantic trip to Paris.
  • attend a wedding in Ibiza.
Through the descriptive writing I was able to imagine myself touring the globe instead of being stuck in freezing cold Birmingham.
it wasn’t just the places that made this book but the fact that I Bella and the gang were back.
I never thought I would be saying this after how great I thought ‘Revelry’ was but with ‘Vanity’ the characters just get better. With the introduction of Sam, Natalia, Lars, Sienna and the band… the story took on new depths and it was great how some characters saw their stories cross paths.
I enjoyed all the new additions to the story. Sam and Natalia although from different walks of life struck me both as sweet women, who at times have faced judgement based on how they look but also the choices they have made.
And of course, there was my man Mark, who still continues to captivate me even with his bad boy ways. Although I must confess if I wanted a drinking partner and protector It would have to be Lars now. Oh, how he made me laugh, the karaoke addict who loves schnapps.
I loved ‘Vanity’, for me, this trilogy just got even better and after the way it ended I’m counting down the days until Treachery’s release.

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