My Book Moment – Interconnected

Today’s book moment is by Tanya Farrell, you can find Tanya at After The Final Chapters
Tales of Asynner
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I would imagine everyone has a moment in their lives that they could call their ‘book moment’. I have had two. This is not necessarily a good thing, while one was up to that point the very best moment in my life the other ripped my heart to shreds and yet they couldn’t be more interconnected.

25th November 2002.
I was working as a supervisor in a café (everyone got a great kick out of it because it was called Eat Me, with the logo on the shirt right on my left boob). We, of course, weren’t allowed phones on our person during our shift and to be honest nobody cared. These were the days that if you had a good phone you had WAP on it and – wait for it, you could get emails! I mean, was Facebook even around then? I don’t think even Bebo was around. So not having your phone was no big deal.
I sat down for my lunch break at 2.00pm. It was my mum’s birthday in 2 days time and me being me I had forgotten to post a card and I needed to ring and warn her not to expect it on the day of her birthday. See earlier that year, in March, I got on a bus to visit friends in Tramore Co. Waterford. I had just left my job and I hadn’t decided how long I was going for. I got on the bus in Belfast after giving my mum a hug and kiss and said “I’ll see ya when I see ya”. I got a job and was in no rush home. Anyway, I took out my phone and sat down to eat my lunch. A Thai chicken Panini and a bottle of Club orange. My phone rang and my world changed forever. I noticed that the number was my aunts. My brother was on the other end and kept saying to me “Where are you”, “who is with you”. My dad came on the line and uttered 7 little words and my world crashed. “Mummys been killed in a car crash”. I still can’t think of those words without being stabbed in the chest, even right now my top is soaked from tears. As I sat and screamed and screamed with my phone ringing in the background all those sitting around me just sat and stared not knowing what was wrong or what to do. That unfortunately was my first book moment.


25th November 2007.
That’s right 5 years to the day. This was the day of my second book moment. I was 35 weeks pregnant. After having 4 miscarriages and going into premature labour at 20 weeks a couple of years before it looked like, even after a problematic pregnancy, I was finally going to have my baby. I had been in hospital for a few weeks but I was let out for the day. I went with Brian for lunch and I went in search of a white cardigan. My baby was due on December 30th and I needed a cardigan. I tried Next and Tesco to no joy. I also went to Smyths as we had missed a birthday the week before and then finally to my mother in laws for a cuppa. At 4.30 I asked Brian to bring me back as I was uncomfortable and couldn’t settle. At 6pm just as he had arrived home my waters broke and I went into labour. When he got back to the hospital – in record time – I was rushed to theatre and had an emergency caesarean section. Jamie was born weighing 5lb6 oz and absolutely perfect.

I was told he would have to go to neo-natal for a few weeks until he neared his due date.


Later than night they brought him to me, he was thriving and needed no help. They kept warning me he would have set backs, would struggle to breath and need oxygen, that he would definitely regress and have to go to special care. Oh no, not my Jamie. He never needed any help, not once, He was sent by and looked after by his very own guardian angel – my mummy. I believe it was no coincidence that he was born on November 25th. The worst date in my life is also one of the best!


I would like to thank Tanya for sharing her truly touching book moment


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