The Pimlico Kid by Barry Walsh

The Pimlico Kid by Barry Walsh

One boy. One street. One summer he will never forget.

A powerful and poignant debut from a compelling and authentic voice in commercial fiction.

It’s 1963. Billy Driscoll and his best mate, Peter ‘Rooksy’ Rooker, have the run of their street. Whether it’s ogling sexy mum, Madge, as she pegs out her washing, or avoiding local bully Griggsy, the estates and bombsites of Pimlico have plenty to fire their fertile imagination.

Billy is growing up and after years of being the puny one, he’s finally filling out. He is also taking more than a passing interest in Sarah Richards, his pretty neighbour. But he isn’t her only admirer – local heartthrob and rotten cheat, Kenneth ‘Kirk’ Douglas, likes her too – something drastic must be done if Billy is to get his girl.

When Rooksy suggests a day out with Sarah and her shy friend, Josie, it seems like the perfect summer outing. Little do they know that it will be a day of declarations and revelations; of secrets and terrifying encounters – and that it will change them all forever…

Billy Driscoll & his best mate Rooksey (Pete) have the whole summer holidays to be mischievous and adventurous, it’s going to be a summer to be remembered.

Barry Walsh brings us a gripping read that had me giggling and in some parts gasping in horror at the things the boys got up to.
It was a truly wondrous read that made me think of the carefree days that childhood should bring, the adventures of a new day and the friendships that can be formed in an instant.

It’s a story that brings out many emotions in the reader, it really is many things within the cover, but no one could tell you the story better than the ‘Pimlico Kid’ himself!

If the summer of 69 is the song that takes you back to summers past then the ‘Pimlico Kid’ is the written equivalent.
Bring summer back and get your copy today.



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