What Would Oprah Do by Erin Emerson

Cate Sanders is a 32-year-old woman living on her own in Atlanta, who’s at a crossroads. After being laid off from her corporate job, she’s determined to find a new career path. To help guide her, she looks to the woman she admires most, Oprah Winfrey. At every new phase she writes a letter to Oprah. Knowing in all probability that her hero won’t be reading them. However she finds hope and inspiration from imagining what Oprah’s words of wisdom would be.
With Amelia Bedelia tendencies and a Chelsea Handler attitude, Cate’s mishaps provide humor. While her relationships give the story depth. Throughout her amusing and heartwarming trials, she searches for the answer to one question. Can she find her purpose in life by pursuing her passion?
When Cate is suddenly laid off, she decides that life in the corporate world isn’t right for her. So armed with enough money to bankroll herself for a few months, she decides to venture into the world of self employment, Now she just needs to decide where her skills lie!
I loved this book, it was a wonderfully witty read that kept me thoroughly entertained over the weekend.
For 48 hours I submerged myself in Cate’s world. Discovering her friends and family , as well as giggling at the letters which started every chapter.
The book has some great characters, one of my favourites is Vivian. Who comes into Cate’s life through a chance encounter but helps Cate by offering advice and support when it’s needed the most.
As with real life, you will get people who will pick you up and others who will knock you down.
Which leads me to my least favourite character Barbara. A woman who seems to take great enjoyment in making others feel bad about themselves.
With an ending that brings everything together perfectly, this book really is a read to lighten your mood and leave you smiling!

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