Millie and the American University by Annabel Scott

Millie’s always dreamt of being American, thanks to an obsession with US Television shows. As the only English girl on campus. She realises that she could live her very own American dream. Joining a sorority and bagging an all American boyfriend. Only when Millie finds a friend in Kristen, she alienates Casey and Jen, the sorority girls who’d taken her under their wing. Millie discovers that Casey is not a woman to mess with. And she soon finds herself living an American nightmare with her scholarship under threat, and the all American boyfriend ending things before they really start.
The prequel to Millie and the American Wedding, find out where it all began, and join Millie, Kristen and Rob at an American University.
When Millie’s accepted onto the student exchange programme she’s eager to spend a year in America. After all life in America always looks so fun in the movies and TV shows. Surely the land of hope and glory wouldn’t disappoint…..
I absolutely loved Millie, I can honestly say, if I had the opportunity to go to America for a year I would have done it pretty much the same way she did. All though things are tough at times, it shows life isn’t always as imagined! And as much as Millie struggles at times, she’s definitely about to have a year to remember.
It’s easy to relate to the opportunity Millie’s given. She sees it as a year for reinvention. A chance to be someone she’s always dreamed of and meet new people, like Kirsten. Kirsten becomes a great friend to Millie, always looking out for her and offering advice.
Although far from home, Millie still keeps everyone updated with life in the US and she does this via the emails we pay privy to at the start of every chapter. Although I was reading about Millie’s journey as it happened I still found myself looking forward to the emails.
Annabel Scott has given us a book that’s romantic, funny and full of one persons journey. It’s a wonderful read that will brighten any day and keep you guessing, right till the very end!

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