Another Alice by Alice Peterson

Love, lust, boys and coursework – the main worries of a teenage girl? Not for eighteen-year-old Alice Peterson, who, at the height of her youth and an extremely promising tennis career, was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. In the midst of shock and denial, and the enduring question, ‘Isn’t it old people who get arthritis?’.Alice had to learn to live with what quickly turned from the odd ache and pain to a  aggressive form of illness.
“Another Alice” is at times utterly heart-breaking, and at others laugh-out-loud. Here is her story of how, armed with humour and courage, she left behind a world she loved. And overcame the pain of a degenerative illness. Told with wit, charm and frankness, “Another Alice” is also a story of friendship, family, growing up and the desire to be ‘normal’. But, above all, it celebrates the power of the human spirit.
When Alice Peterson got diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, the future she had always imagined suddenly looked hazy. With a love of tennis and hopes of competing, what would the future hold for Alice…..
There’s something truly inspiring about someone who can take their experiences and share them. To put into words their pain and emotions, takes a great deal of strength.
I did love this book, I didn’t love the pain that Alice went through but I loved the fact that she shared her experience so others are aware that they aren’t alone. One of the scariest things is having a condition that no one around you has and through Another Alice, other RA sufferers can find some hope, some light at the end of the tunnel.
But it’s not just for RA sufferers, people like me can find this book truly inspiring. Not only does Alice battle RA but she also fights for normality.
This really is a wonderfully inspiring read!

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