The Pleasures of Autumn by Evie Hunter

The Pleasures of Autumn by Evie Hunter

When fine arts curator Sinead O’Sullivan is charged with a stealing the Fire of Autumn, a dazzling ruby with a history of violence and treachery, bail is set at one million Swiss francs.

Investigator Niall Moore is hired to stop her fleeing and to find the jewel. Niall knows Sinead’s form as the feisty red-head led him a merry dance when their paths crossed once before. Despite the overwhelming sexual chemistry between them, Niall knows that he cannot trust her.

Sinead toys with Niall, refusing to tell him what she knows about the theft. An expert in interrogation, Niall uses every trick of the trade – and every tool in his erotic armoury – to get at the truth. And Sinead – just as well armed – counters his every move with one of her own.

As thief and thief-taker fight for dominance, there can be only be one winner … but what happens when the stakes are raised and it’s no longer just a jewel and Sinead’s freedom in play?

This is the first book I’ve read by Evie Hunter and it has left me wanting more.
I will definitely delve further into this series.

The Pleasures of Autumn tells the tale of Sinead who sets about clearing her name after a priceless artefact is stolen from the museum she works at.
Everyone around her believes her guilty of stealing the Fire of Autumn, intent on proving her innocence Sinead finds herself thrown together with Niall, the man tasked with finding the jewel and getting to the truth.
But how can she prove she isn’t guilty of theft when her body is fighting an attraction to the man trying to prove otherwise!

With an intense storyline and wonderful characters, ‘The Pleasures of Autumn’ really was a pleasure to read!
I loved Niall’s character, he is such a strong, sexy and vibrant man.
When he walks into a room, he turns womens heads and although he is a distraction to others, Niall doesn’t like being distracted. When he takes on a job, he gives it his all, so intent on the truth, so determined!

Sinead is a strong character to read about, although with her small statue and librarian style looks, she comes across as anything but, this woman is a fighter, she is determined to clear her name.

Then we have the polar opposite. Lottie the flame haired, vivacious burlesque dancer, striving for a better life, a chance to fulfil her dreams.

The story has many twists and turns, that all make for a gripping read.
With interwoven tales and mysterious characters, you are gasping and wanting more.


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