Dangerous Decisions by Margaret Kaine

Have you ever ignored a sense of unease?
Helena Standish knows that a good marriage would enhance her father’s social status but she’s wise enough not to accept any handsome fool. The wealthy and enigmatic Oliver Faraday is considered an ideal match, so why does Helena have faint misgivings?

Nicholas Carstairs has little patience with frivolous pleasure-seekers or an upper class that closes ranks against outsiders. Why then is he entranced by the lovely ‘girl in the window’ – a debutante who would appear to be both of those things?

A champagne celebration at Broadway Manor marks the start of a happy future for Helena, but no one can predict the perilous consequences of her decision or the appalling danger it will bring.


Margaret Kaine transports us back to an era where it was rare to marry for love.
Where titles weren’t purchased on the internet and upstairs downstairs was the house divide between them and us.

Love Downton then you will LOVE this!

Helena Standish was on the Debutante circuit, as a member of the upper class she knew that marriage could increase the standing of her family in the community.
Even though her father just wants her to be happy, Helena is aware of the difference the right marriage can make.
But standing won over love and it was Oliver Faraday who was the winning suitor
However behind the good looking exterior lurks something Helena can’t quite place, something that has unsettled her.

Helena is a wonderful character, there is something about her that made me like her instantly.,
I was fascinated by the fact that even though she knew her father wanted her to be happy, her love for him meant that she married for status instead of love. This is just one example of how thoughtful and caring she is.
It takes a strong character to face what she does and she not only faces it but she does so with grace.

It takes some strength to marry a man as driven and set in his ways as Oliver, a man who will look down on others and think nothing of showing his hatred.

But for every man like that, is a man who sees the best in people, someone who is loving and caring. A doctor who cares for everyone, whatever their class.
Everyone meet Nicholas, the doting doctor who stole my heart!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it had me on the edge of my seat and had me gripped, right to the very end.
It’s not a Dangerous Decision, you know you want to read it!


A big thank you to Choclit for sending me a copy to review


19 thoughts on “Dangerous Decisions by Margaret Kaine

  1. Thank you for such a wonderful review. I’m so glad you found the book a gripping read, and it’s lovely to hear that the sensitive and perceptive Nicholas stole your heart, I can only say that this novel was a joy to research and write. Thank you also for the recommendation to other readers..


  2. Wow – what a super review Margaret – you must be really proud. I’m really looking forward to reading it. So many books lined up, so little time, but it’s there on my Kindle for that blissful moment of peace 🙂


  3. I’m really looking forward to reading this book as it’s a while since I had the pleasure of reading something by Margaret Kaine – one of my favourite ladies. I’m keeping it for when I’ve got a weekend off or some other such luxury to contempate.


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