Totes Ridictionary by Balthazar Cohen

Totes Ridictionary by Balthazar Cohen

Totes! Ridic! Amazeballs! Obvs! Adorbs! Sound familiar?
If you have an internet connection, chances are that you recognize words like these. The Totes Ridictionary will help you survive life in a world where text-message abbreviations and Twitter slang are dancing on the grave of the Oxford New English Dictionary. Everywhere you look – in emails, tweets, Facebook posts, text messages, blogs and even real-life conversations – Totes Ridicheads are abbreviating words, communicating in internet acronyms, and embracing hashtags as a way of life. And whether you find it entertaining or irritating, sooner or later you’ll need to put the ‘amaze’ in ‘balls’ and become fluent in Totes Ridicularity.

It’s packed with ‘hilar’ illustrations featuring internet-addicted pets and smart-phone-savvy pop art, and the imagined Twitter conversations of history and literature’s most argumentative couples. It also features a satirical glossary that’ll help you sort the ‘jel’ from the ‘awks’, correctly identify what’s ‘perf’ and what’s ‘tradge’ and know how to react if someone describes you as ‘gorge’ or ‘cray-cray’.

The Totes Ridictionary takes a totally ridiculous look at what happens when language and technology collide

Let’s be honest, we don’t all know what these status’s or tweets mean, sometimes it feels as though you are reading a foreign language, yet it looks like something you should know.
As a fan of TOWIE, I’ve been exposed to new words but even now, my cousins can throw out a sentence and have me feeling as though I’m due to be calling for my pension.

Totes Ridictionary didn’t just open my eyes to new words, it also had me giggling.
Honestly, I never thought I would have so much fun reading what essentially could be classed as a unique dictionary.

The Ularity pages had me in hysterics, I don’t think I will ever look at certain films in the same light.
And It was great discovering how tweets might have sounded if they came from historical figures
Would Henry Vlll have told Anne Boleyn, she was Hot and would totes bear him a son!

It’s a quirky read.

Deffo diffs but totes hilar and probs imports for the vocab.


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