Romancing the Soul by Sarah Tranter

Your Soul Mate is out there! Let a past life lead the way
Rachael Jones hasn’t exactly chosen an average career path. She’s a ‘past-life regressionist’ and is now hoping to help her clients find their Soul Mates through reconnecting them with their past lives. But despite her best intentions, there are problems. Rachael made the mistake of regressing her best friend, Susie Morris, who has since been haunted by events that occurred in her past life.

When Susie meets Hollywood actor, George Silbury in unlikely circumstances, she is completely unprepared for her reactions. There’s an intense mutual attraction that neither can explain nor ignore.

Can George help Susie to overcome the sense of desolation she feels as the result of her past life regression or will history’s habit of repeating itself ruin all chances of her finding happiness?


Rachel is a past life regressionist, using her gift to help others find their soul mates. But whilst some have amazing experiences under the influence of Rachel’s ‘gift’, others have learnt the hardway that the ‘gift’ can backfire.
Susie, Rachel’s friend is haunted by her past life following being regressed, memories of events from her past life are effecting her current life.
But when Susie meets George can the two focus on their attraction and overcome the past….

I absolutely loved Susie & George, especially George. WOW, he is an incredible man, in fact the only thing that I didn’t like about George, is that he isn’t real.
I longed for him and Susie to work out, they are characters that felt like friends, people who you want to have happiness.

I found the topic of this book fascinating, to be paired off on the basis of your past life had me instantly intrigued and thankfully Sarah Tranter delivered a story that held my expectations and delivered so much more.
The twist that happened came at me from nowhere and left me in awe.

An intriguing tale of romance that is a must read!


A big thank you to Choclit for sending me a copy to review.


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