Erin’s Choice: My heart belongs to……


Today the lovely Erin from Erin’s Choice is here to share, where her heart belongs,

Hi I’m Erin, a book blogger from Scotland. I’ve been blogging for just over half a year now and have had such a great time doing it. I love reading so reviewing books feels natural to me as I love talking over plots, characters and especially book boyfriends with other readers. You can check out my reviews at and tweet with me about books @erinschoicee!

When I saw Kirsty was having a feature month I knew I would love taking part, she always has such fun features on her blog which mean something different to everyone as well! When she sent out the outline of the feature I was even more intrigued but one thing came immediately to mine.

My heart belongs to an island on the Gulf Coast of Florida called Marco Island, and when I say my heart, I also mean the heart of my parents, my sister and my boyfriend. We are all in love with the place.


We first discovered Marco Island about 5 years ago. We had booked up to go to Florida for our summer holidays, one week in Orlando doing the usual Florida stuff – shopping and going to the Disney/Universal parks – and two weeks in a villa in another part of Florida for some well deserved R&R.

Marco is about a 4 hours drive south of Orlando, crossing firstly to Tampa and then down the coast. It's a little island with many, many villas for rent for holiday makers. We found one that we loved so much we went back to it again 2 years later, and even when we were booking up for this summer we looked into going back to it. It felt like a home from home.


Typically American's are incredibly friendly people but the people of Marco Island seem to be even nicer, especially when you explain that you are Scottish and have travelled down from Orlando to spend two weeks on their Island. The island has a shopping plaza, gorgeous marinas even more incredibly gorgeous beaches, restaurants and even a little cinema which has proper tables and chairs so you could enjoy a meal while watching your film. The other wonderful thing about the Island is the wildlife. We chartered a catamaran captained by Captain Cory to take us out into the Gulf for a sail around the Island where we could spot manatees and dolphins, and once the animals know you are there they are desperate to show off to you, jumping from the water and poking their noses up around the boat.

The place has completely stolen our hearts, I'm pretty sure if the opportunity were to come up we would all move out there. I encourage anyone who is looking to book a holiday to Florida to consider travelling down, and staying on Marco Island!

Thanks Kirsty!


A big thank you to Erin for sharing such a beautiful place and some truly gorgeous pictures.


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