It would be wrong to steal my sisters boyfriend (wouldn’t it) by Sophie Ranald

It would be wrong to steal my sisters boyfriend (wouldn’t it) by Sophie Ranald

You live together, laugh together, borrow her shoes and eyeliner – is there anything you can’t share with your sister?

Ellie’s younger sister Rose has it all. She’s beautiful, stylish and dates gorgeous, glamorous millionaires, while Ellie is quite happy watching TV on the sofa with her old mate Ben. But when Rose brings her new boyfriend home, it’s lust at first sight for Ellie. And although she knows it’s wrong, everything changes: she’ll do whatever it takes to get Oliver, even if it means abandoning her principles and turning a deaf ear to her friends. After all, would it be so wrong to take up running, put some highlights in her hair and make herself look a tiny, little bit more like Rose? But as Ellie follows in her sister’s stiletto-heeled footsteps, she realises that finding love could mean losing the most important thing in the world.

My thoughts on It would be wrong to steal my sisters boyfriend (wouldn’t it) 

With an intriguing title and blurb, I dove Imagination first into what proved to be an immensely enjoyable read.

The story follows Ellie and Rosie, two sisters who live together. Although very close the sisters are extremely different.
Rosie Is driven, beautiful and knows what she wants in life, older sister Ellie, on the other hand is living a comfortable life with a TV guide and friend Ben for company.But when Ellie meets Rosie’s boyfriend Oliver, her lust for him puts her on the path to self improvement. But will the change in Ellie, change hers and her sisters relationship in more ways than one?

I absolutely loved the relationship between the sisters and even though the title gives away what Ellie wants, I never once wavered in how much I liked her.She is a genuinely lovely character. The only character that I really despised was Nina, she never seemed to care who she hurt or what she took from others.

This is a story that’s hard to put down and lures you in from the very first page.With likeable characters, who are easy to relate to and funny dialogue, this is a story for a miserable afternoon.


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