Wish Upon A Star by Trisha Ashley

A wonderful warm festive treat from Sunday Times bestseller Trisha Ashley.
The perfect gift isn’t always under the tree…
Single mum Cally’s life is all about her little girl Stella. She’s resigned to the fact that the only romance she’s going to get is from the rom-coms she watches. And with her busy job and her daughter, she doesn’t have time to even think about love.
But life gets very tough when Stella gets sick. Balancing her job as a recipe writer and looking after Stella is all consuming. So when Cally meets handsome baker Jago the last thing she wants to do is fall in love. Epecially when she’s been badly burned by a Prince Charming from her past. Can laid-back, charming Jago unlock Cally’s frozen heart and help her find true love and magic under the mistletoe?
Come home for Christmas with this gorgeous festive treat, perfect for fans of Katie Fforde and Jill Mansell.
When Cally’s daughter Stella requires life saving surgery, Cally will do anything to save her. Even if that means selling their home and moving back in with her mum.
Knowing her daughters life depends on it, Cally sets about fundraising and soon the community start helping too. Can they raise enough to save Stella and restore hope in the community.
In the freezing cold temperatures of winter, I snuggled up with this book. And became enthralled in a heartwarming and at times heart wrenching story.
With my emotions invested within the pages, I found myself enveloped within the love of this book. The love a mother has for her daughter, the love a community has for someone in need and the love a new found romance can bring to someone’s heart. For within every page was pure emotion in words.
Emotions in the form of Jago and Cally, their connection was so strong that I found myself eagerly turning the pages. Jago was a wonderfully thoughtful man, a true gentlemen. Not only did Jago and Cally have a wonderful connection but they both also had nasty exes who just wouldn’t take no for answer.
Despite the festive cover, this is a beautiful read for all seasons.

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