Summer Affairs by Louise Candish

Three short stories to heat up your summer by bestselling author Louise Candlish

The Alibi
When Kim oversteps the mark and ‘borrows’ a dress belonging to her employer, she has no idea she is also providing an alibi…

The Assignation
Agnes signs up for a course that teaches losers in love how to recover their mojo, but no one expects to find success overnight…do they?

Doing the Wrong Thing
A woman escapes her husband and children to fly to Marrakech for a weekend with ‘the girls’. Why, then, is she checking in alone?

Contains the opening chapters from Louise’s brand-new novel, The Disappearance of Emily Marr


The synopsis tells you enough about the stories to entice the reader into the world of adultery.
Through each story you get a different opinion on the subject.
The Alibi: Kim knows her employee is having an affair.
The Assignation: Agnes is the victim of adultery.
Doing the Wrong Thing: A woman on the way to cheat.

I really enjoyed Agnes’ story, particularly the descriptions at the group sessions.

This is a fast paced, quick read that has left me eager to read more from Louise Candish, thanks to the sample chapters that were included.
it was nice to experience the pace and style of writing of her full length novels.



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