Much Ado About Sweet Nothing by Alison May

Is something always better than nothing?
Ben Messina is a certified maths genius and romance sceptic. He and Trix met at university and have been quarreling and quibbling ever since, not least because of Ben’s decision to abandon their relationship in favour of … more maths! Can Trix forget past hurt and help Ben see a life beyond numbers, or is their long history in danger of ending in nothing?
Charming and sensitive, Claudio Messina, is as different from his brother as it is possible to be and Trix’s best friend, Henrietta, cannot believe her luck when the Italian model of her dreams chooses her. But will Claudio and Henrietta’s pursuit for perfection end in a disaster that will see both of them starting from zero once again?
This is a fresh and funny retelling of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, set in the present day.

With Much Ado About Nothing being my favourite of Shakespeare’s works, I was excited to read this story.

Alison May created a story that was filled with likeable characters, a story where you want the characters to have the best outcome possible,
For me the characters made this book, they were what kept me turning the page.
There was something lovely and empowering, reading about such a strong heroine and Trix is definitely that, if not also a little fiery!

My problem is that I didn’t find the flow of the story easy. The narrative changed several times and it was a confusing transition for me.
I hate the fact that I let the narrative changes stop this book from gripping me because honestly the characters are great.
It’s a shame that with all the descriptiveness that went into the story the ending felt rushed.

Ultimately though it is a nice tale of romance.

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