The Lie of You by Jane Lythall

Can you hide your deepest fear?
To the outside world, Kathy is the very picture of a happy and fulfilled modern woman. She has a beautiful baby boy, a clever, handsome husband and a glamorous, high-powered job.
But not everybody is fooled. Her employee, Heja, knows the truth: the cracks in Kathy’s marriage, her self-doubt, her fear of failure at work. Heja is perfectly placed to destroy Kathy’s life. And if she succeeds, she can claim the one thing she wants most…
This is a chilling psychological thriller about obsession, jealousy, and lying to those you love.

Kathy has a good job, a beautiful baby & a lovely husband Markus.
The story starts as she is due to go back to work after her maternity leave.
When Kathy returns back to work, she is faced with Heja.
A seemingly aloof woman who works for her, but what lurks behind Heja’s standoffish personality?

Wow! The Lie of You is a thoroughly gripping read that had me turning the page in rapid succession, so much so that I read it in a day and had to apologise to my family for the lack of response to anything that was asked of me!

When I picked up ’The Lie of You’, I wasn’t expecting to be pulled into such an intense story line.
Yes the tag-line says it’s a psychological thriller, but nothing prepared me for the intensity I would feel from the characters.

There is a great mix of characters, all of them pull some sort of emotion from the reader.
I felt for Kathy, the trauma she was going through. At least in a positive way she had the support of Aisha and Fran.
Heja is a character that filled me with hatred, she wasn’t a likeable character at all.
She has so much going on in her head.

I loved the way the story split the narratives between both Kathy and Heja, I think this really added to the story.

’The Lie of You’ sinister story that will keep your hooked with the secrets within.

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  1. Jane Lythell
    March 7, 2014 / 1:41 pm

    First of all apologies to your family for distracting you all day Kirsty!
    Seriously though it’s great to hear that you found my novel an intense read.
    I tried to get into the heads of the two characters and tell their story as truly as I could.
    Thanks for your terrific review.

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