Incitement by David Graham

Today’s review of Incitement is brought to you by my brother Jamie
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A brutal conflict unleashed. Who stands to win? A bloody massacre at a Mexican heroin refinery; a Miami-bound freight ship hijacked for its cargo of illegal narcotics; the ruthless assassination of a Kosovar drug lord – a war has erupted between two drugs superpowers.
As DEA Agent Diane Mesi investigates she becomes convinced that the conflict is being orchestrated by an unknown third party. But she is marginalised by her colleagues and her judgement is challenged at every turn. Only if she can expose the truth will she be able to stop the violence and save her career.
Michael Larsen is an ex-soldier and hired mercenary who has been contracted to fuel the conflict at every opportunity until it destroys both sides. As he battles his own demons, he hopes that by directing the violence he will attain some measure of redemption.
But neither Mesi nor Larsen know the full extent of the forces at play or of what is truly at stake. As they each pursue their own resolution, the violence escalates and they become increasingly vulnerable to the dangers that stalk them.

Incitement by David Graham

Like David Graham I too am a fan of Lee Child and the Jack Reacher series so was expecting big things when I was given a copy of Incitement to review.

I wasn’t disappointed.

Graham’s first book will hopefully not be his last as with Incitement he has crafted not only a well written and fast paced thriller he has also proven that the judges of the The John Murray Show, RTÉ Radio/ RTÉ Guide/ Kazoo Competition definitely made the right choice.

The story follows Diane Mesi a DEA Agent tasked with leading the agencies latest task force in the war on drugs and Michael Larsen a soldier for hire who is being paid to escalate the conflict. All the while puppet masters are behind the scenes pulling the strings and manipulating the situation to get what they want.

Through each of the 14 chapters Graham exposes to the reader a little more about each character with each passing page but manages to hold just enough back each time to keep you guessing about them and their true motivation. With the amount of plot twists and cliff hangers it would have been easy to lose a reader but Graham managed to drag this reader along with the story and I found myself not wanting to put the book down.

If you’re a fan of Lee Child, the late Tom Clancy or political thrillers then you will definitely be a fan of David Graham’s work. The only question I have after reading Incitement is why was he not picked up by a publishing house sooner?


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