A Little Love by Amanda Prowse

Everybody needs a little love in their lives…
Pru Plum is the celebrated owner of a famous Mayfair bakery. She wears Chanel and her hair is expensively cut. Few would believe that this elegant woman turned sixty-six last year.
But Pru is not the confident, successful businesswoman she appears. She has done shameful things to get to where she is today. And she will do anything to protect the secrets of her past. Especially when, for the first time in her life, she has finally fallen in love…
 This is a story about love, loss and lies – and finding happiness before it’s too late.
Pru Plum is a successful baker, running a high end establishment in Mayfair with her cousin/best friend Milly.
At the age of sixty-six Pru‘s resigned to the fact that love has passed her by, a price she had to pay for the success she’s had in life. But Pru hadn’t counted on meeting Christopher, the man who is set to make Pru feel like a teenager again.
I don’t know where to begin, I’ve more than A Little Love for this book. There’s something wonderful about a book that can give you hope and help you believe in love at any age.
Within it’s beautiful cover, is a delicious tale of love. sorrow and determination all mixed in with a wonderful mix of characters.
Pru is a fantastic character. She’s gone through so much in life and the determination and drive that she demonstrates had me hoping for a happy ending,
The one constant in Pru’s life is Milly, but Milly isn’t just Pru’s best friend and cousin, she is so much more, for without each other, they would be nothing. Their relationship is remarkable, I couldn’t imagine one, without the other.
Where Pru provides the story with the romance, Milly brings us some lighter moments. Although they both face heartache within the pages,
When Meg enters the story, the cousins relationship takes on a different dynamic and Meg adds an extra ingredient to the mix. I felt for Meg, she is a character that I couldn’t help but warm to and she provides some truly touching moments within the story.
Bring A Little Love into your life and fill your heart!


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