LOVE SUZI x by Teresa Hamilton

Suzi Frazier doesn’t want the life mapped out for her. Boyfriend Matt wants her to be sensible and settle down. But Suzi wants more from her life. She knows something is missing, but what is it?
Dear Eve
I’ve got our dream job – flying round the world, staying in expensive hotels and paid to do it! But it’s Matt. He wants babies!
I’ve got to see what else is out there before I get sick on my shoulder, baby wipes in my handbag and droopy bags for boobs.
I changed my life to become a long haul flight attendant …how else could I get to drink punch on a pirate ship, come face to face with a polar bear and bring a dead man back to life, all in a day’s work? I love my job but things aren’t working out as either of us planned and now I’ve met Ed Mc Ewan, but he’s already attached. Confused? So am I? Something’s got to give – but what’s it going to be? Help me Eve.

I love books that tell the story in a unique way and LOVE SUZI x is no exception, told through a series of letters, we follow Suzi as she transforms her life and travels all over the world in her career as a flight attendant. This is a wondrous story that I found myself relating to instantly, the need to explore, to seek out adventures and follow your dreams is something I think most people can relate to at one point or another,

I loved Suzi, her character really comes across in the letters, you get a strong essence of the personality behind by the pen.
In fact, it’s a credit to Teresa Hamilton that all the characters manage to get their personalities into the letters.
There was a great mix of characters, but I really disliked Candy, it felt to me as though she was borderline crazy.

I was crazy for the beautiful descriptions of the places Suzi visits, which left me dreaming of booking a holiday or just running away to somewhere picturesque and exotic.

The flow of the letters and the pace of the story feed in brilliantly to what was an ending I hadn’t foreseen.


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