Afterburn & Aftershock by Sylvia Day (Cosmo Red-Hot Reads from Mills & Boon)

#1 New York Times bestselling author Sylvia Day, America’s premier author of provocative fiction, delivers the debut novel from Cosmo Red-Hot Reads from Mills & Boon.
Never mix business with pleasure. Never bring politics into the bedroom. I can’t say I wasn’t warned…
Two years after I took Jackson Ruteledge as a lover, he was back. Walking into a deal I’d worked hard to close. Under the tuteledge on Lei Yeung, one of the sharpest businesswomen in New York. I had picked up a thing or two since Jax walked away. I wasn’t the girl he once knew, but he hadn’t changed. Unlike the last time we’d drifted into each other’s lives, I knew exactly what I was dealing with… and how addictive his touch could be.
The inner circle of glamour, sex and privelege was Jax’s playground. But this time, I knew all the rules of the game. In the cutthroat business world, one adage rules all: keep your enemies close and your ex-lovers closer…
Sylvia Day’s Afterburn/Aftershock combines in one paperback for the first time the debut title from the Cosmo Red-Hot Reads eBook series, Afterburn, along with the sequel Aftershock.
I love the ease with which you can lose yourself in a Sylvia Day novel. The way you can imagine the story playing out before your very eyes. How you can on occasion wish that instead of the female protagonist you would be the one carried to bed.
Afterburn/Aftershock was a wonderfully quick read. A story that is full of the twists and sexual intensity you expect from picking up a Day novel.
Jax and Gianna have history and when their relationship’s meant to take a professional turn, they both find themselves longing for the way it used to be.
Jax is HOT, there is no denying that Day can create a man who you want to throw you over his shoulder and carry you to bed.

But Jax also comes with a family who have political aspirations and will stop at nothing to get there.
And Gia could fall into the nothing category, but their lust and a steamy past keeps pulling them together.
And even when they are both at risk of losing something important to them they can’t help the passion that runs through their veins.

I love how Gia is a hard working character who has a wonderfully close knit family. For me this added an extra dynamic to a thoroughly enjoyable read.

A hot quick read that will have you wishing Day didn’t just write men but could create them!

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