Bring Me Sunshine by Janet Gover

Sometimes, you’ve just got to take the plunge …
When marine biologist, Jenny Payne, agrees to spend Christmas working on the Cape Adare cruise ship to escape a disastrous love affair, she envisions a few weeks of sunny climes, cocktails and bronzed men …
What she gets is an Antarctic expedition, extreme weather, and a couple of close shaves with death. And then there’s her fellow passengers; Vera, the eccentric, elderly crime writer and Lian, a young runaway in pursuit of forbidden love …
There’s also Kit Walker; the mysterious and handsome man who is renting the most luxurious cabin on the ship, but who nobody ever sees.
As the expedition progresses, Jenny finds herself becoming increasingly obsessed with the enigmatic Kit and the secrets he hides. Will she crack the code before the return journey or is she bound for another disappointment?
When everything around you is changing, what do you do?

Well in Jenny’s case you apply for a job on a cruise ship and get away from it all.
Leaving behind her cheating partner, the sister who didn’t want to live together anymore and the job that she felt humiliated at, Jenny travels out to sea.
But is life calmer on the waves..

I find myself drawn to stories that have an element of travel, the chance to travel using my imagination instead of passport (although both are highly favourable)
What I really enjoyed about ‘Bring Me Sunshine’ was the descriptiveness that pulled me straight off my sofa and on to the cruise ship, setting sail to an unusual destination.

I admired Jenny, the way she raced to change her life and even when things didn’t go quite according to plan, she still managed to inspire me.

Another great character for me, was Vera. Yes she was a bit of a busy body but she was lovely and I loved the fact that she was always seen with her big purple handbag,

Bring Me Sunshine is a wonderful story that takes you on a journey, not just to a destination but also of discovery!


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