Beautiful Day by Kate Anthony

Beautiful day is Kate Anthony’s poignant and heart warming debut novel.
Today is the day that things are going to change for Rachel Bidewell.
She will walk through the doors of Clifton Avenue Care Home and start a new life.
Rachel is returning to work. And as she discovers, juggling a new job, three children and an ex husband can feel like drowning.
Someone needs to throw her a lifeline…
Philip doesn’t seem like an obvious lifesaver. He has just lost the one person who ever cared for him and, even as an adult, he doesn’t know how to live in the real world.
But might Philip and Rachel each have something the other needs?
This is a story of unexpected friendship; of the messy, muddy territory of those broken by life – and what it takes to fix them. It reminds us that the very darkest of days can be funny, heart-warming and even beautiful.
Rachel finds hope in the places she least expects in Kate Anthony’s stunning first novel, Beautiful Day.

The story follows single mum of three Rachel as she starts working in a care home. Through the narrative of Rachel we follow her on a journey that’s about to change everything,

There’s something incredibly touching and thought provoking about a ‘Beautiful Day’
A story that can tackle hard hitting issues and the public perceptions of them, in a way that stays with you long after finishing the story.

You can’t help but like Rachel, it’s clear from the beginning that she is determined to do her best by her family, her job and by Phillip, someone who enters her life during the story.

The thing I love about this story is how Rachel and Phillip help each other.
The bond that forms between them is incredibly moving and I could almost feel my heart swelling with love for the characters as the story unfolded,

Kate Anthony has a created a story full of wonderful characters, people who care and inspire others.
But deep within the pages is the truth that sometimes the care system fails, sometimes people judge others and life really is a struggle.

A poignant debut with an ending that completes the story beautifully!


  1. Kate Anthony
    April 17, 2014 / 7:31 am

    Woah! Thank you so much. What a lovely review – I am so thrilled that you enjoyed it.

  2. janinejewell
    April 17, 2014 / 12:36 pm

    This sounds lovely. must check it out!

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