Unleashing Mr Darcy by Teri Wilson

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single woman teetering on the verge of thirty must be in want of a husband.
Not true for Manhattanite Elizabeth Scott. Instead of planning a walk down the aisle, she’s crossing the pond with the only companion she needs—her darling dog, Bliss. Caring for a pack of show dogs in England seems the perfect distraction from the scandal that ruined her teaching career, and her reputation, in New York. What she doesn’t count on is an unstoppable attraction to billionaire dog breeder Donovan Darcy.
The London tycoon’s a little bit arrogant, a whole lot sexy…and the chemistry between them is disarming. When passion is finally unleashed, might Elizabeth hope to take home more than a blue ribbon?

Today’s review is brought to you by my mum, Rachaell
Shell is a lover of books and can often be found reading her kindle or reading to her granddaughter. She loves the fact that both her children are avid readers, something they’ve been since children and knows that books can be enjoyed by all generations

In this modern day take on Pride Prejudice, we not only get to see some of our favourite character recreated but we also get to share the story with our favourite furry friends.

We start the story in America, Elizabeth Scott a private school teacher is made to take 2 weeks holiday.
Elizabeth has a passion for dogs, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in particular. Whilst finding ways to keep her occupied she decides to take her spaniel Bliss to a dog show,
Whilst there she is introduced to Sue, who offers to change Elizabeth’s life forever.
Forget going back to school, Elizabeth is crossing the pond to train dogs.
But could there also be romance on the cards…

Elizabeth and Donovan are wonderfully strong willed characters and definitely made the story worth reading,
There’s also siblings David and Helena, who despite sharing a name are nothing alike. David is kind and considerate, where as Helena is is cold and calculating!

What I enjoyed about this story is that it has everything we know and love. From the original but also adds to it, by introducing dogs into the mix.
A fun and endearing take on a classic.


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