Suddenly Last Summer by Sarah Morgan

 There are some summers you’ll remember forever
Fiery chef Élise is determined to make this summer one of them – but with the grand opening of her chic French café falling apart – it looks like it might for all the wrong reasons.
Until Sean O’Neill comes back to town.
Last Summer Élise and Sean shared one hazy whirlwind night together – and Elise is looking forward to repeating their last encounter.
As long as she can stick to her one-night-only rule and listen to her head rather than her heart. After all, Sean hates life in his hometown and is planning on leaving again soon as he can.
But recapturing the magic of last summer could be about to change everything….

My thoughts on Suddenly Last Summer:

Suddenly Last Summer is the second in the Snow Crystal Trilogy, following on from Sleigh Bells in the Snow.
It can, however, be read as a standalone, which is how I read it. Although I have since purchased the first in the trilogy.

Suddenly Last Summer follows surgeon Sean O’Neill who lives in Boston. Sean’s family own Snow Crystal and employ a wonderful French chef called ‘Elise. Both of them are workaholics hiding from pasts they don’t want to face. But this isn’t the only thing they have in common. 6 months ago, Sean and ‘Elise spent a passionate night together. When a drama at Snow Crystal pulls them closer, can they fight their feelings or will one night, stay as one night!

Ok, Sean is HOT and he is doctor!!!! I mean come on people, WINNER!

The way that Sarah Morgan describes him wearing a suit, had me squirming in my seat as I imagined this divine creature in front of me, Even better, he has a twin KER-CHING

But Sean is attracted to ‘Elise, the spark between them is evident the instant they see each other at the hospital. It’s just a shame neither of them will admit it! I loved the insight into both of their thoughts as the book was split between dual narratives. It really did help to build up the tension of both their past and present.

A wonderful read to get lost in and have you dreaming about hot brothers with rippling biceps and dreamy eyes!

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