Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

 Chloe Mills is intelligent, hardworking, moments away from her MBA and starting a successful career. The only thing standing in her way is her boss, Bennett Ryan. He’s exacting, blunt, inconsiderate and…completely gorgeous – a beautiful bastard. She’s determined to ignore him, do the best job she can, and move on to her bright future.
Bennett has been trying to ignore his gorgeous, infuriating assistant for months. He’s never been one for a workplace dalliance, especially not with one of his employees. But Chloe is so tempting he’s willing to bend the rules – or smash them, if it means he can have her… all over the office.
What starts as just a hot hate hook-up becomes something much deeper, as both Chloe and Bennett must confront exactly what they’re willing to lose to find love with each other.
Beautiful Bastard follows Bennett Ryan and Chloe Adams as they embark on many a sexual encounter. All whilst working together and hating each other!
There is something incredible about witnessing the raw chemistry that appears whenever they’re together. Their hatred for each other never stops them from ripping each other’s clothes of. However, it does at times leave the other longing to orgasm and full of sexual frustration.
Bennett is a bastard, but wow is he a beautiful one, smoking hot and hiding behind a cocky attitude. I wouldn’t say no to him ripping my knickers off!
But then there is Chloe, she has to be in my top five favourite female characters. I love how she wasn’t a naive virgin who fell in love with her boss. She is a strong independent woman who knows exactly what she wants. She’s feisty and the way she handles Bennett, had me laughing on many occasions.
I love the Ryan family, the way they interact with both Bennett and Chloe was brilliant. It added an extra dynamic to the story to have the family witness the hatred between the two.
This is a an incredible read with a wonderful dual narrativewhich allows you to see the story through both characters eyes,
Thanks to the wonderful writing dush that is Christina LaureI….. you will experience sizzling chemistry, witty one liners and passionate emotions. All within a book that will leave your heart racing, your knickers damp and you longing for more!

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  1. Sheerie Franks
    July 22, 2014 / 3:29 pm

    Think I’m sold on this for a change….some proper sex, hehehe 😳😬😜🙈🙉🙊x

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