Naked by Raine Miller

Brynne Bennett is living the good life. An American art student at the University of London and part-time photographic model, she’s putting her life back on track with school and lots of hard work. When ultra-successful London businessman Ethan Blackstone buys her nude portrait, he isn’t taking ‘no’ for an answer. He wants Brynne in his bed and has no problem voicing his desires to her. His dominant nature captivates and ensnares her despite the demons she carries around. But there are secrets in this relationship. Huge ones. Can Ethan free Brynne from the past that has marked her? Will Brynne let him or will the specters tormenting her resurface to destroy their chance at happiness?

Naked tells the story of Brynne Bennett a photographic model and student, who finds herself one day the object of Ethan Blakestone’ affections.
Ethan has purchased one of Brynne’s nude photographs and feels compelled to have the model in his life.

I found this to be a quick read, that had me eager to turn the pages.
But honestly, I don’t know how I feel! I actually felt antagonised by Ethan, his possessive nature and need for Brynne really annoyed me.
I understand that he wants to protect the girl he loves but he was so full on.
There were times when I just wanted to slap him, to tell him how controlling he was but then I reminded myself he had such strong feelings for Brynne,

Brynne was a lovely character, she’s an American in London, finding her feet and hiding from a secret.
She’s as open with Ethan as she feels she can be and she does feel safe around him. I love how she reacts to him at first, the way she speaks to him on the phone shows some feistiness.

With this being the first in the series I find myself excited to discover more about Brynne’s past and I hope we can learn about Ethan and his past. I really want to like him, he sounds incredibly HOT and definitely a guy who would turn heads.

I have been left eager to delve further into the world of the Blackstone Series!

*Before the story started I found myself reading the authors note about how the story evolved, I loved this and found the inspiration behind the story wonderful.

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