Follow A Star by Christine Stovell

Follow A Star by Christine Stovell

Sometimes your heart’s the only navigator you need – May Starling’s had enough of her demanding career and even more demanding ex. Responding to a ‘crew-wanted’ ad, she follows her dreams of escape only to find herself at sea with red-haired Bill Blythe.
Bill warns May that close-quartered living can create a boiling pot of emotions, but even May is surprised by the heat building up inside the vintage wooden boat. And when May and Bill tie up at Watling’s Boatyard in Little Spitmarsh, May’s determined to test her new-found feelings on dry land.
But May’s dream of escaping her former life is in danger of being swept away when several unwelcome blasts from the past follow her ashore, all seemingly hell-bent on reminding her that it’s never that easy to clear the decks.

May Starling is a woman who wants change in her life, so deciding a life on the waves is as big a change as any she opts to work as crew on a yacht.
But May soon finds life at sea can be as turbulent and as bumpy as the waves she is travelling on when she meets handsome Bill Blythe, a man who assumes May is a gold digger and can’t be trusted…..

I loved Bill’s character he is incredibly strong and dependable, with a heart of gold,he won me over with his wonderful character and the way that he is selfless enough to put his own life on hold to look after his elderly Uncle.

May is a lovely character who has to learn to stand up for herself and to put herself first.
But like most books, not all characters are kind and gentle and that brings me to handsome Aiden, who has no trouble attracting women but is flawed with a nasty temperament,

A gripping read that would not allow me to leave it until I read the last page!


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