India Black and The Gentleman Thief by Carol K. Carr
India Black’s double life operating a high-class brothel and running high-stakes espionage for Her Majesty’s government can take its toll. But there’s no rest for the weary—particularly when an international conspiracy comes knocking…
India Black is one of Victorian London’s most respected madams—not a bloody postmistress. So when Colonel Francis Mayhew forwards a seemingly innocuous shipping bill to her address, she’s puzzled. And when three thugs bust down her door, steal the envelope, and rough up both her and fellow agent French…well, that’s enough to make India Black see red.

The veteran spies soon discover that Mayhew has been butchered in his own bedroom. An impromptu investigation leads them to London’s docks, where India makes a startling discovery she can’t bear to tell the rakish French—she has a history with their chief suspect, the gentleman thief who once stole her heart…

In the fourth instalment of the Madam of Espionage series, we find ourselves reunited with  India, French and Vincent. 
India and French have been attacked by three men whilst in Lotus house, the men are in search of a letter that was delivered to Lotus House for the attention of Colonel Francis Mayhew. Unbeknown to the men, India had opened the letter to discover it was a shipping bill. With the mysterious shipping bill warranting so much attention both India and French find themselves intrigued.  What could it all mean?
This is one of my favourites of the India Black series, not only do we go on another clandestine adventure with the duo but we also discover more about India. There is a lot going on in this book and it certainly proves to be fast-paced, from The Dowager Marchioness of Tullibardine ensconcing herself along with her Butler and dogs at Lotus House to some really nasty characters who are introduced within the pages.
But my absolute favourite aspect of this story has to be the chemistry that is sparking between India and French.
Via her relationship with French, we are starting to see another side to India. There is a vulnerability to her, I won’t say it’s all down to French because I think maybe India’s quest to discover more about her family is bringing her true character out as well. I really hope there will be more to come from India Black, it’s wonderful to read about a feisty heroine with an intriguing past! 

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