The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks

They were teenage sweethearts from opposite sides of the tracks – with a passion that would change their lives for ever. But life would force them apart.
Years later, the lines they had drawn between past and present are about to slip . . . Called back to their hometown for the funeral of the mentor who once gave them shelter when they needed it most. They are faced with each other once again, and forced to confront the paths they chose. Can true love ever rewrite the past?

 After years of separation, childhood sweethearts Dawson and Amanda find themselves back in their hometown for the funeral of a mutual friend.

But with their love being more than a childhood crush, can they really go their separate ways again and what’s happened in the years since they were together?

Nicholas Sparks has created a world where you find yourself pulled into a heartfelt and at times heartbreaking romance. A world where you can feel every emotion, every loving glance and every memory.

The reconnection of their forbidden love is there throughout. For me it felt poignant that as teenagers Amanda’s family forbid their love and now it is family and circumstances holding them back. Their love is strong but always forbidden!

The truth is that I was completely swept away by Tucks story. I loved Dawson and Amanda but there was something so magical about Tuck.

I found myself lost in the romance of his story. The way he describes his journey had me teary eyed and in love with a character I never got to meet first hand.

Nicholas Sparks has created a story that is both captivating and romantic in its telling but there is more to this than just love. With Dawson coming from the roughest family in town we find ourselves open to fear as his family discover he is back.

Ted and Abee are nasty characters. And honestly the glimpses we saw of their past left me worried for both Dawson and Amanda’s safety.

I found myself on the edge of my sit at times. The pace of the story added to the tension and emotions that culminated in an ending I wasn’t expecting.

A wonderful read that changed my perspective of Nicholas Sparks novels!


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